Visual Presentation of Taoism Philosophy

J.D. Chou began in 1972 to visually interpret Lao Zi's Taoism philosophy and thus founded the art movement of Tao Painting. Tao Painting is not simply contemporary Chinese art because it transcends the present. It is modern Chinese painting that carries ancient Chinese values and brings them to the future.


J.D. Chou sends messages of Taoism through his widely appreciated creations such as the "One Stroke Rooster", "Tao Bird", and "One Stroke Crane". One can see nature (be it an animal or a tree) through his simple yet energetic strokes carried out with a subtle softness that wraps up the whole essence of Taoism: the importance of nature, simplicity, and the nourishing balance of Yin and Yang. Upon viewing J.D. Chou's Tao paintings, one senses a kind of harmony derived from both strength and simplicity given by Life and Nature.


The charm of a Tao Painting lies on its ingenious powerful brush strokes and sophisticated simplicity. Amongst Mr. Chou's best known works is the One Stroke Rooster which was done in one single long stroke. Since the brush can carry only limited amount of ink, when he paints a continuous long line, he must paint swiftly to avoid the used up of ink.