December 16, 2008


J.D, Chou have been selected among the "100 Artists in China" due to the outstanding contribution and influence of his artwork to the development of the arts and culture in China.

April 2, 2000

Published in Hong Kong Tatler, written by Champagne Dom Perignon

Lives separated by more than two centuries, yet both recognized as true innovators of their time: monk Dom Perignon for discovering the fine art of champagne making and J.D. Chou for founding Tao Painting. Stumbled upon almost by chance and using tools devised generations earlier,it is the unique methods of creation that ensure these products are truly original.

May 1, 1995

On the left is a large calligraphy scroll written by the late Buddhist abbot of Shanghai's Jade Temple and Jingan Temple (also the vice-chairman of China's Buddhism Association and chairman of Shanghai's Buddhism Association) to praise J.D.'s Tao painting.

The scroll says "Discarding the old and bringing new creation to the New China, J.D. Chou's Chinese water and ink paintings are neither matched by any previous works nor woul...

October 30, 1993



May 12, 1989


April 26, 1989

Before J.D. Chou paints one of his ink-on-rice-paper works, the Hong Kong artist will meditate for as long as a week, emptying his mind so an image can appear.

When he is ready, Chou will paint quickly and continuously, because it is important not to break the chi, or breath - a source of human power, according to Tao philosophy. "You can't hesitate, so you have to know exactly what you are doing" he says

March 14, 1977


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