Taoist meditating in a quiet and chic place in Hong Kong


One Stroke Taoist fine art print gives a spiritual touch to a chic home in Hong Kong.

Bringing nature into a home


Tao Painting poster print of Lotus Flower in a Spanish living room, bringing nature into a home.

Tao Bird in a living room


A Tao Bird Fine Art Print in a French diplomat's residence.

How insipid it would be without them!


These fine art prints of One Stroke Crane and Tao Bird are transforming the atmosphere of this office in Shanghai.

Elegance and Tranquility


This elegant Tao Painting of Lotus in Gourd is instilling tranquility in this resting area (Lamma Island, Hong Kong)

Flying Crane in a bedroom in Germany


This is an original painting of Flying Crane that "flew" to Germany.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong) Honours The Unique Form Of Art In Tao Painting


The hotel is presenting their guests with a set of these postcards to honor Mr Chou's outstanding artworks.

Donation to Hong Kong Riding for the Disabled Association


Tao Painting Gallery donated 320 Tao Painting poster prints to a charity event organized by Hong Kong Riding for the Disabled Association in June 2012.

An original false window, Shanghai


This fine art print of Crane by Window gave an "extra" window to this guest bedroom in Shanghai

Relaxation and Warmth


This Red Sleeping Beauty is relaxing in the living room and rediating warmth around.

This painting depicts the beauty standard of China’s Tang Dynasty, a time when voluptuous women were considered beautiful and attractive. Portly women were seen as healthy and natural. It was also a period that Taoism flourished. The Taoism religion, which is based on Taoism philosophy, was the religion of the State under several reigns.

Tao Cranes bring harmony into an office in Central



These are fine art prints that an office located in Exchange Square (Central, Hong Kong) acquired to decorate their office. These cranes bring life and humor into a business environment and create a sense of harmony in this working space.

*The Crane Through Bamboos" is an original painting commissioned by the company.