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About J.D. Chou

J.D. Chou is an artist who is dedicated to bringing unique beauty to the world by mixing Yin and Yang elements to create harmony.


JD Chou was born in China in 1941. He relocated to Hong Kong when he was eight years old. Through the influence of his mother who had a talent in drawing, JD chose to become a painter at a young age. With the support of his family that owned one of the largest antique shops in Hong Kong, JD went to Paris in 1962 to study art and to experience the impressionist way of living that he ardently admired. After five years stay in Paris, he returned to Hong Kong in 1967 to become a dedicated, full-time, independent artist.


To expand his quest for originating a new art style, JD again went aboard in 1968 to explore ideas. This time, he went to Tokyo to study Zen painting. When he returned to Hong Kong in 1969, he was inspired to found the art of Tao Painting.


Since the founding of Tao Painting in 1972, J.D. Chou has been showing his unique Tao Paintings in many museums and galleries in the world. He has been invited to hold thus far thirty-seven exhibitions of his paintings in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Japan, Singapore and Canada.

J.D. Chou is among the 100 Chinese artists recognized by the Cultural Department of China.


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